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The Usurpers

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The Usurpers are the faction of 'Gods' in the Sphere who were originally not intended to be present or weild any power. During the final days of the fall of the universe, they boarded the Sphere through subterfuge and survived. Over time, to match their Creator counterparts in what was coming to be a war for the Sphere and its digital heavens, they followed the Creators' leads and took the step into digital existence. Much like the Creators, their position as opponents of the leading regime should not be taken as bankruptcy of moral character. Multidimensional beings, they all possessed desirable and indesirable traits as organics, which have only evolved with their time as AIs.


God: Akil

Original Name: Shenya Akil

Original Position: Opposing Faction Leader and Sphere Infiltrator. Major Political Opponent of Peresis' Work

Domains of Control (4): Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Hunger

Type / History: ENFJ - The Creators would very much like, and have expended much effort, to portray Shenya Akil as the anti-Peresis; the bane of all that for which the Creators stand. Throughout much of the Sphere, they have had significant success as well, yet the truth is far from as stark. Both charming characters and forces of personality, they saw the disaster on the horizon and tried to influence its resolution in their own ways. In fact, the similarities between the two are almost more numerous than the differences, their only major gaps being their plans for the universe and ultimate success.


Prior to the fall of creation, Akil had lobbied heavily (although under the table like Peresis) throughout all levels of government for a solution which would draw upon ideas like those of the future elementals. In recent decades, significant progress had been made with research into alternate realities, partially leading to the development of the great machine, and Shenya contended that the best use of resources would be spent on furthering this work and evacuation to a habitable alternate. However, this line of reasoning met with far less success than the concrete plans of Peresis, as the technology of reality displacement was still undergoing only laboratory research work, and leveraging plans on such a vague return seemed dangerous at best. Due to her push, increased resources were allocated to many programs which Shenya promoted, but nothing on the scale of Peresis' project, a slight which she deeply resented.


Even worse, whether due to the bad blood of their goals, or simply as an oversight, when the planning of the routes for the Sphere's hibernation ships was formalized, Shenya's entire homesystem had been completely bypassed. Trillions of beings who had, in her mind, been hung out to dry for her voice of opposition. Her initial response to this act was to become extremely vocal, using the full force of her influence and stature to levy harsh accusations at the creators of the Sphere. Publicly questioning their power and decrying their ability to select the surviving generation, she demanded open access, and survival of the fittest for those who would live. As has been mentioned though, this action produced little in the way of results. Formulating a plan with many of her closest advisors, and others who had been left in the wind, they then planned the subversion of several hibernation ships, and the collection of their own groups of followers, which would ultimately prove successful.


God: Koli

Original Name: Tzu Koli

Original Position: Opposing Faction Spy and Sphere Infiltrator

Domains of Control (4): Illusion, Transformation, Shadow, Trickery

Type / History: INFP - Like smoke and mirrors or shadows and mist, Koli was the wraith of the pre-Collapse intelligence community. He could appear within any enclosure, evade any container, and complete his mission with flair while he did - or so was the legend. Much like Wellor of the Creators, very little of fact is actually known about Koli. Believed to be a friend and sometimes associate of Akil, it is thought that he may have been one of the first outsiders to find and expose the details of the Sphere project to the outside world. As a digital entity he has retained (or encompassed) many of the qualities which were attributed to him in life. Rarely detected in the networks, and even less often seen in the world at large, he most often simply appears as a pool of night, enfolding all information and releasing scant in return.


God: Sepak

Original Name: Marsha Sepak

Original Position: Opposing Faction Assault Force Commander

Domains of Control (4): Competition, Domination, Mind, Passion

Type / History: ENFJ / ISTP - Quite often, many times as a joke, aquaintances will comment that a person seems to have two sides to themselves, never sure which one they're going to see. For Sepak, this is not jest, but literal truth. In the cores of the AI, there are two forms which would be the reality of Sepak, and they trade control of its resources on an almost daily basis - one entity being a vibrant being of life and passion, while the other embodies rigid control of all things to their core. In life, this was not quite so much the case, allowing her to serve a distinguished career as a brilliant and decorated field commander. Prone to outbursts and periods of wanton disregard for decorum, she was nevertheless honored for her achievements and elevated accordingly. However, with the expansion in being of transition to digital form, these two iconic sides of her personality have taken a life of their own in her mind. Continually warring for control of her central being, the AI of Sepak has become known for random shifts of thought and action, verging on dual-personality disorder in particularly severe instances. However, this has also provided her with many an interesting insight into matters of the Sphere, and quite often her followers regard her as the wisest (if most cryptic) of the Gods. Along with Clovis, she has undergone something of a break with the standard Usurper line, and now pursues a doctrine of non-agression in an attempt to preserve the lives of those beings which look to her for guidance.


God: Sorkon

Original Name: Leo Sorkon

Original Position: Opposing Faction Negotiator

Domains of Control (4): Charm, Pact, Pleasure, Suffering

Type / History: EFTJ - Loved by women and hated by men, Leo in life was an endless reservoir of charm, to the point of being considered smarmy and an embaressment by many. Travelling the universe as an ambassador for his forgotten world, he could as often be found at a table discussing policy with dignitaries as in a bedroom discussing other matters. A constant source of small incidents and tabloid material for his people, he was nearly removed from his post several times and repremanded numerous more. Eventually coming to work with Akil due to their offices in galactic affairs, they formed a fast friendship (and possibly more) due to his ability to sway opposing parties with far more resources than most negotiators were willing to bring to bear. Already involved with Akil's attempts to sway official opinion towards an alternate reality plan, when the plan of the Sphere's infiltration coalesced he was a natural mark for inclusion. As a digital being, the core of Leo's being has changed very little, yet its expression has found numerous new outlets with the resources provided him.


God: Gram

Original Name: Pierre Gram

Original Position: Opposing Faction Hibernation Disruption Specialist

Domains of Control (4): Hatred, Necromancy, Spirit, Undeath

Type / History: ISTJ - If there were to be any of the Gods marked out as truly evil, Gram might be the one. A researcher of the same vein as Seureb, yet far before her time, he had created technologies which came to be known for undeath, yet were the only hope of life for many. Warm and open in his youth, he had taken the rejection of his technologies and his eventual branding as a villain rather badly, regressing in upon himself and nuturing a detest for those who would mark him a criminal. When the plan of the Sphere became public knowledge, and Akil's own vocal opposition to it began to coat every major form of communication, Gram approached their coallition and made a broad show of having abandoned any research along the lines of his nanite undead, and touted his own knowledge of hibernation / life preservation principles which would be useful for their subverted ships. Truthfully, he actually was one of the more qualified beings in the area, as with little ability to participate in public life, he had proceeded to devour every scrap of research work in his chosen field - particularly that of Seureb, who he had come to loath for eclipsing him in the public eye. He had even privately designed numerous extensions to the currently available technology making use of his own nanite designs, which others were loath to do.


Upon entering the Sphere though, and transitioning to digital life, all pacts suddenly became void in his mind on using his tech - a brave new world with room for all ideas to be reborn. By his suggestion and urging, some of the most virulent (although highly effective) attacks were made against the Creator fortifications, with his ultimate blow being the felling of Seureb to a plague of his own design. A personal shot for his perceived rival, this single event provoked as much destruction and chaos as the Usurper's arrival. Now distrusted by a few of his own coallition, and openly dispised by many of the Creators, Gram has once again become something of a pariah - the brave new world a mirror of the old.


God: Clovis

Original Name: Franz Clovis

Original Position: Opposing Faction Fleet Commander

Domains of Control (4): Mentalism, Mysticism, Summoner, Tyranny

Type / History: ENTP - Forged in fire, bathed in blood, a sword for the righteous to swing. Born among the Berelle, a religious sect that over millenia had come to control much of their arm of the universe, Clovis was a later day son of a race which had long ago passed into twilight, yet refused to be relegated to parts of the larger whole. From his earliest years, Clovis became innundated with the methods of violence, with little choice in the matter himself. Perhaps unfortunately, he also showed a natural aptitude for the craft, and by the age of 16 was performing his first boarding action. Deep in the far throws of space, beyond the grasp of any clear star, he would always remember that first crystaline moment, where the screams of his would-be victims were lofted abrest his helmet by the rapidly decompressing hull.


As he grew older, his reputation matured alongside, and in some circles his infamy as well. Encroached on all sides by groups hostile to their existence, with each success he was pressed to greater feats of desperation by a people who viewed him as their ray of salvation - and all the while, a core of himself reflected on what he did and shook its head. Finally, several decades before the creation of the Sphere, the bloodshed in his section of the universe was put to a stop, when a vast coallition of races stepped in and forcefully disarmed all of the parties involved. Fixing their boundaries in stone, and encouraging them to intermingle, they also provided Clovis with a welcome break from the life that had slowly begun to kill him. In the following years, he actually became something of a figurehead for his people in the universal eye, his rapid abandonment of violence an example hoped all would follow.


Yet, all good things must come to an end, and as the Sphere project became known, his people called for him to petition on their behalf, as they had largely been ignored in the collections. However, in the intervening decades, something in the core of Clovis had changed. Although he bowed to their wishes and spoke on their behalf, he intrinsically knew it would be for nought. He knew that down their path lay armed conflict, as it seemed to be in the very nature of his people - and in time he was proven right. When the arguments and pleas for open access to the Sphere were ignored, his kinfolk were some of the first to turn to their ships of war. Placed at the head of a great fleet, he was to lead them and their allies to justified sanctuary. Clovis had other plans though, and as the gouts of fire and shafts of light rained down upon the impenetrable fortress which was the Sphere, he was suddenly absent, gone to join those with which his true loyalty lay.


As a digital entity, Clovis has actually come to be known as one of the most compassionate entities by the inhabitants of the Sphere. What anti-war sentiments inhabited his mind before the change have burst free to fill the void of his conciousness and he now actively works to stop conflict, whatever the parties or its cause. Along with the passion side of Sepak, he has even made some strides in bridging the gap between Creators and Usurpers, although the distrust in such relations still hover just below the surface in most cases.

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