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The Unaligned

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The unaligned Gods are those digital beings of AI intelligence who have for some reason or another not affiliated themselves with any faction vying for control of the Sphere. Due to the conflict's polarizing nature, their numbers are rather limited, composed of mostly outcasts and new forms of digital life.


God: Hume

Original Name: Rene Hume

Original Position: Hibernation Ship "Synpho" Pilot and Sphere Traitor

Domains of Control (4): Balance, Joy, Liberation, Renewal

Type / History: ESFP -> INFP - In discussion of Rene Hume, it is most helpful to seperate his life into distinct portions before and after he attained digital life. Naturally a slow moving man, perfectly willing to take life at a comfortable pace, Hume had worked as a private transport captain before the collapse, relishing in the laconic pace of the cruises and the opportunity to interact with his crews. Brought into the fold of the project through his affiliation with Bettenn, by whom his private ship (the Sowareh) had been contracted numerous times due to its immense size - at full yield it could transports masses on the scale of 1/4 an Earth sized planet intergalactic distances. Initially a custom construction, when the need for bulk transport of vast quantities of beings and organics was reconized, Hume's ship was marked out as a template of good design and he himself put in charge of the fleet construction efforts. Initially, the step up to organization of fleetyard operations from those of a single (admittedly large) ship were quite difficult - relations were terse with many of the other soon to be Gods and quite a few wondered whether Bettenn had made a mistake in recommending him. Yet, of the many lessons Hume had learned among the stars, one of the most resonant had been adaptability to whatever the universe threw at you. Within months, shipyard crews were finishing work on the first of the great ships, and numerous more were already at various levels of completion. Unfortunately though, that initial period of mistrust fostered a initial crack in relations between Hume and the others which would never be repaired - eventually widening into a chasm that would see him working with the leaders of the Usurpers to smuggle their elements on board.


Once the events of the last few days of the universe had played themselves out though, existence once again took a drastic turn for Hume. Trapped as the rest of the Creator Gods were by groups of their own turned against them, Hume took the escape which was offered him, and bravely let loose his mortal coil. Yet waiting among the dark eternity which were the cores was an almost worse reality - somehow the others knew of his betrayal. Through pure intuition, access to the physical resources of the Sphere, or simply the expansion of conciousness which accompanied transition - the method was not clear. However, their response to both the Usurpers and himself was. Within the Sphere proper, the Usurpers had to deal with a world come alive to destroy them (which would eventually drive their own transition). For Hume himself though, the result was far worse, as he was suddenly faced by a vast array of entities, some of whom had been prior computer experts, all out to destroy him.


The simple fact that he survived such a purge was a miracle in and of itself, partially due to his own adaptability, but largely assisted unseen by his still-friend Bettenn. Working from within their ranks, Bettenn helped to misleed and divert their search efforts; providing misleading clues and decoys wherever possible. Yet, this is not to say Hume himself evaded unscathed; the combination of the hunt, the wars with the Usurpers, and the very act of transition itself deeply affect the being which would come to be known as Hume. They affected him with a deep regret for the horror which he had helped to bring about, and a need to see any such travesties stopped in the future. In a way, his long isolation has also left him significantly more internal (for an AI), prone to strange arrangements of councils with the various aspects of his mind and significant periods of migration through the layers of the Sphere. In fact, Hume is probably the single entity most prone to physical incarnation, and may be the inspiration for many groups like the Church of the Manifest Prince.


God: Erus

Original Name: (-)

Original Position: (-)

Domains of Control (4): Decay, Madness, Pestilence, Slime

Type / History: ???? - To describe such a being in terms of such mortal descriptors as intro- / extroverted would in many ways do it a disservice. Having never beheld life as an incarnate being, Erus possesses no physical reference for many of the seperations which would attempt to drive such a framework. Both single and plural, it personifies the concept of the many voices in one form, with a chorus of disparate aspects coming together to form the whole. Having no organs beyond those provided by the machines around it, sight, sound, touch, or taste hold only the vaguest meaning for it, and could not easily be parted from what more organicly born AIs might describe as a newfound sense of intuition in digital form. Its choices and actions seem in many cases to be almost haphazard at times, yet in others they will suddenly appear to glimpse at a vast pattern beyond sight - random alignments of chaotic motion or the underpinnings of a vast plan? No one knows, possibly barring even Erus itself.

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