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The Eternal Landscape

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This section of the work will cover how the lands of the Sphere are laid out within both their themed layer format and as kingdoms or regions within those layers. As the Sphere is a gargantuan thing, which was designed originally to contain a sampling of the population of the entire universe, there are naturally vast tracts of land to detail and nearly limitless kingdoms for exploration. However, due to this fact, the act of detailing every single region and population center within the Sphere may actually be beyond possibility without the existence of automated processes. Still, in a way this is also good, as it gives a general framework for ambitous Game Masters to work within, yet also allows them great freedom in how they want to arrange the small details of their own campaign.


Visualizing the Terrestrial Sphere



As mentioned before, the Sphere is composed of layers which rotate about a central body and are protected by an outer solid encasement. On each of the layers, gravity is such that people are always pulled towards the outer edge of the Sphere and the effects are arranged so that the pull is always linear (IE, about the same as a normal terrestrial world) no matter your distance from the center.


The layers interact with one another generally how you might think of floors on a house interacting. So, for example, if a person happened to jump off of one of the central-most layers, they would fall downward until they hit a solid section of another layer down, or at the most extreme, they collided with the outer sphere. Naturally, this would quite often be a deadly thing to have occur, but in the case of those with items possessing attributes similar to "feather fall" it could actually be a way to escape from a living situation you disliked, or in some cases, might even be a form of punishment for criminals. IE, rather than killing them outright with capital punishment, they're instead just dropped off the edge of the world with a ring of feather fall and plunge through the intervening fog to who knows where. They're not killed per say, but they're out of that society's hair. Depending on the ethics of the society, trash might be dealt with in a similar way.


In addition, remember that even though the picture shows them in an unobscured state, normally there are thick clinging mists which flow around each of the layers and make it difficult to get clear views of what is either above or below them.


For transportation within the layers, technologies along the lines of airships are available in many lands, which may either interact with the fog (and thus be restrained to only traveling within certain layers and up to certain heights) or for societies which are advanced enough, possibly full powered flight with early forms of airplanes. For travel between the layers, there are a number of stations which were originally placed on each of the islands to allow for direct teleportation from one to another. However, they rely on complicated technology to operate, and over time their use has either become clouded in mystery or reserved to a very select group of individuals who closely guard the secret as a form of power over their peers.


In general, each of the layers operates at a particular technology level which is fairly uniform throughout the layer. Politically, however, the layers are anything but uniform, due in part to their massive size in some cases, and possess a wide array of governing bodies. Some of the layers have been divided by landmass, so that each of the islands represents a single kingdom, and in many cases, the political situations between these kingdoms is less than ideal. Very often, islands are actually in a state of cyclic warfare, where invasions will be attempted at regular intervals based upon the orbit and drift of their islands. During close periods, whole battalions of troops and fleets of ships will attempt to swarm across the intervening space and conquer their neighbors.


In other layers though, the situation is somewhat more benign, and unified kingdoms of all or nearly all the islands have formed. In a few of these areas, the current rulers are actively interested in expanding their influence, and based upon stories or legends of other realms, they have begun sending explorative teams and developing technologies to reach for more distant sections of the Sphere.


The Layers of Existence

The Jewel of the Sphere


Fire and Ice

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