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The Creators

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The Creators


The Creators are the 'Gods' that originally made the Sphere and the hibernation ships which brought a lot of the population to the Sphere. They were once mortal (as I can not say human they might not have been) and tried to manage the Sphere and its processes while still in a physical form. But when the Sphere started to malfunction the 'Creators' decided to take up the position of Super AIs that could control the Sphere better than they could as normal mortals even through the most sophisticated interface systems they had. It should be noted that position is not a mark of virtuossness necessarily among these beings. Much like their organic counterparts, they all possess their own faults or vices which have transcended right along with them to digital life.


God: Peresis

Original Name: Adama Peresis

Original Position: Lead Architect of the Sphere Project

Domains of Control (5): Feast, Good, Luck, Nobility, Planning

Type / History: ENFJ - Original genesis and planner of the Sphere Project and de-facto head of the original "Gods". A charming and brilliant organizer who brought together varied peoples from all across the galaxy to meet a situation that he saw coming before nearly anyone else. Conceiving of the Sphere Project as a final stop-gap measure should all other attempts to halt the regression of the universe fail, Peresis was a masterful negotiator in bringing together a contingent of the leading experts in a variety of fields to work on his goal. With the transition to digital life and the invasion of his great work by outside forces though, Peresis' demeanor and bearing have changed somewhat. Initially enraged by the desecration of the Sphere and what he viewed as the blatant greed of their invaders, Peresis oversaw a wide ranging counter effort by the creator Gods to drive the invaders from the Sphere or erradicate them. However, over time, as he came to see that their efforts were causing vast harm to the inhabitants and endangering that which he had tried to create, his views softened considerably, and he shifted over to the role of negotiator and diplomat between the two sides in an effort to preserve the sphere for all. Although a decent longterm planner, he is much more comfortable with short term resolution of problems and actually relies heavily on his wife for her more long term and gray shaded view of life.


God: Merellin

Original Name: Eva Merellin

Original Position: Weather Simulation and Terraforming Lead

Domains of Control (4): Fey, Ocean, Storm, Weather

Type / History: INFP - A somewhat reserved but powerful force in the sphere through her influence and connection to Peresis, Merellin has helped to shape her husband's view over time into one which is much more diplomatic and understanding of the issues surrounding both the usurpers and the other creator Gods. She considers the various factors for long term viability of the sphere almost constantly at this point and regularly dedicates a portion of her conciousness to working through supply, social, and economic problems.


God: Terpencar

Original Name: Marshall Terpencar

Original Position: Chief Design Engineer for the Sphere

Domains of Control (4): Artifice, Craft, Creation, Metal

Type / History: INFP - As he was in organic life, Marshall continues to be a quiet promotor of the arts and creation on into digital existence. Never much for the press corps or interviews, he verged on monastic for a period, taking a project from Peresis or his firm and returning a month or even year later with some gem of beauty for them to parade.


God: Chav

Original Name: Skadi Chav

Original Position: Thermal Systems Specialist for the Sphere

Domains of Control (4): Air, Cold, Fire, Water

Type / History: ENTJ - Bigger than life and full of zest, that's how Chav always sees himself and what he tries to project to the rest of the Gods and his followers. More than once this has led him into problems as he dived into some predicament only to find he had to backpedal at the last second. Yet, few Gods are more loyal in their aid and this same ethos has been projected through all those who give him praise as well, becoming the quintisential samaritans along the roads of the Sphere.


God: Conway

Original Name: Jennifer Conway

Original Position: Primary Botanist and Botanical Collections Lead

Domains of Control (4): Animal, Life, Plant, Scalykind

Type / History: ISTP - In many ways, Conway actually disturbs many of the other Gods of the Sphere, as her transcendence to AI life has stripped away much of what little empathy or warmth there was in her to begin with. Even in life she tended towards the cool and analytical, spending long days in the lab crafting new wonders of biomatter, yet her digital persona has taken on what might almost be described as a Moreauesque approach towards the life they control. The Sphere is a brave new world in her mind to be shaped and molded towards the betterment of society.


God: Tiyffain

Original Name: Celcia Tiyffain

Original Position: Migration and Exodus Management Lead

Domains of Control (4): Commerce, Community, Family, Trade

Type / History: ESFP - For nearly 50 years before her involvement in the Sphere project, Celcia Tiyffain served as a trade and commerce negotiator for the Galactic Board of Commerce. Known for her rather thorough (and somewhat unorthodox) investigations of all disputes, she would literally travel the systems in her jurisdiction talking with levels of merchants from the lowliest to the highest to air their views on matters. Although not without the occasional bad result, this practice gave her a reputation (and skill) for being able to approach even the most hottly contested tables and make both parties leave fairly happy.


God: Bettenn

Original Name: Gregor Bettenn

Original Position: Materials Transport and Teleportation Chief

Domains of Control (4): Celerity, Portal, Time, Travel

Type / History: ESTJ - To say that Bettenn was decisive would be akin to describing the sun as hot. Rising through the ranks of one of the largest universal shipping firms from transport handler to CEO, Bettenn built his career on an ability to analyze a situation and formulate a response in seconds (sometimes less were sufficient technology available). Steering his firm through massive corporate warfare, galactic trade sanctions, and even takeover attempts, Bettenn may have signed on almost as much for the new challenge as for the salvation.


God: Exido

Original Name: Ysunn Exido

Original Position: Planetary Terraforming and Synthesis Lead

Domains of Control (4): Cavern, Darkness, Earth, Endurance

Type / History: ISTP - A loner and long term planner, Exido lives somewhere outside the normal ring of social interaction among the creator Gods. Although not without allies and friends by any means, his goals and plans are simply his alone and while many of the others work to wage war or smooth things over with the usurpers, he crafts alone in the metaphorical dark creating elaborate webs and networks that stretch to who knows where.


God: Seureb

Original Name: Chhaya Seureb

Original Position: Hibernation and Cryostasis Lead

Domains of Control (4): Deathless, Dream, Exorcism, Repose

Type / History: INFP - A pretty, but somewhat shy woman in life, Seureb was always facinated with the boundary between life and death and how lightly one might tread that line. While still undergoing higher education, she had become involved with some of the top tier stasis programs and their research into perception and community while in suspended animation. Facinated by dreams for much of her younger life, she became the progenitor of "dreamwalking", the act of repeatable induced lucid dreaming with full use of implant technology while in repose and the exploration which can occur from this state, just before the call came for work on the Sphere. Struck down by a viral attack from the Usurper faction, and in particular Gram, Seureb has actually been socially absent for much of the existence of the Sphere, holding on to life as fragments of her former personality deep within the networks. In many ways, this return from a living death has profoundly impacted her, by her own admission making her feel much closer to existence. Somewhat oddly for one so close to the research of dreamwalking, she has never commented on what transpired in her mind during those years of isolation - if anything.


God: Macht

Original Name: Dunkirk Macht

Original Position: Power Systems and Energy Displacement Physics Head

Domains of Control (4): Celestial, Force, Sun, Wrath

Type / History: ESFJ - Almost a force of nature in his own right, Macht has much akin to Bettenn in his ability for snap decisions. Yet, where Bettenn is almost always rational in his choices, Macht is much more of quicksilver in his personality - reactionary and swift of emotion. Much of this can be attributed to his family life growing up, where his father was a passionate orator for galactic environmental preservation and passed on the trait to his children. More importantly though, during a demonstration, which Macht was witness to while at the tender age of 12, his father was hit by a distruption beam from the gathered crowd and instantly slain. This sole event changed Macht more than any other, imbuing within him a subsurface rage that would rear itself throughout the rest of his organic life. Prone to arguments and extremes of temper, he was rarely violent, but when pushed past the boundary, would transition into a being of malevolent fury that required crowds to seperate. Ages of digital life have done little to mitigate these extremes, and his outbursts have done much to sow chaos within the Sphere.


God: Panetar

Original Name: Joan Panetar

Original Position: Networking and Communications Head

Domains of Control (4): Herald, Meditation, Oracle, Truth

Type / History: ESTP - One of the most recognized faces in the universe prior to the collapse, Joan Panetar served as the public representative for all universal scale press conferences and meetings. Not truly a leader, but more a figurehead of the government as a whole, she nevertheless came to be associated with all that was politics. Assisting in this feat was the fact that she was a deft politico, managing to hold the post for an unthinkable 10 years and navigating the murky and backstabbing waters of galactic politics like no other. Almost never reactionary and never surprised (or perceptably so) she employed huge teams of researchers and think tanks to expose and counter every conceivable plot which might unseat her. As such, she was also one of the first proponents (and members) of the Sphere project, voluntarily abandoning her post in a thunderstroke that shocked the masses.


God: Barack

Original Name: Thomas Barack

Original Position: Defensive Commander and Lead Military Advisor

Domains of Control (4): Courage, Glory, Strength, War

Type / History: ESTP - A vast and turbulent place, the fabric of the pre-Collapse universe was never without its gaps in the order of society, yet like an ordered absolute of law, Thomas Barack was a constant within any breach that might appear. Serving in countless campaigns, spanning worlds across the breadths of space, Barack entered the service as a midshipsman just out of his higher education, and managed to end his career as one of the Pillars of galactic military policy. Fairly charismatic in his personal life, and well respected among the forces which he led, he was nevertheless not promoted to his position as a policymaker due to any ingratiating with the political world, but simply due to his status as a symbol of heroism and glory - the brilliant warrior the flesh-pressers were compelled to reward. Most offensively, he possessed a trait for bluntness and the truth as he saw it that was almost acidic in its straightforwardness. Thankfully not married with stubborness, Barrack was quite often willing to change his views in the face of a good argument or new information, but it was a rare day when the opening salvo was covered in anything approaching sugar.


God: Torneh

Original Name: Dahlia Torneh

Original Position: Medical and Health Care Lead

Domains of Control (4): Healing, Moon, Protection, Purification

Type / History: ESFJ - Brought onboard the project due to her association (and friendship) with Tiyffain, Dahlia Torneh was actually a universal aid worker for much of her life before the Sphere, visiting those planets which had either undergone disasters or where the standard of living was perceptably lower than the standard norm. In many cases, she quite willingly used her friend's political clout and ties to get herself (along with various aid convoys) into areas which might otherwise be barred to her. In a few cases, this posed a strain on their relationship, particularly when the backlash from their involvement cascaded into Tiyffain's own trade work. Yet, for the most part, they both viewed the aid as a necessity in a universe which cared equally for all its citizens. Roughened by these many years of work, Torneh came to be somewhat gruff in her own personal interactions, yet with patients or the injured, there was almost always an element of the young doctor who had first started out in the profession.


God: Sophis

Original Name: Sergio Sophis

Original Position: Education and Knowledge Preservation Lead

Domains of Control (4): Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell

Type / History: ISFP - "Boy Wonder", "Prodigy", "The Greatest of His Age", "The Destroyer...". Like a plague in his mind, titles seemed to follow Sergio Sophis through his life whether he wished for them or not. By the age of five he was devouring advanced mathimatical concepts, by fifteen he was delving into areas of reality manipulation that few before him had thought to explore, by thirty he was proposing concepts of alternate realities, fey, and energy that challenged long held views of transcendance, and by sixty...he had become one of the most hated men in existence - widely held responsible for the breakthroughs which had led to the Collapse. In his position as lead advisor to the project, he had far too late seen their error of calculation, and even with the initially positive response to their correction of the fissure, its ultimate failure marked him as a pariah throughout the cosmos. In a way, his admission to the project may have almost been an act of pity on the part of Peresis, a granting of asylum for this quiet, reflection-prone man, or a retreat from the existence which hated him. However, as possibly the premiere mathematician and reality manipulation expert of his time, he also brought invaluable skills and insights to the project - helping to design signficant portions of the central machine which keeps the Collapse at bay from his own prior work.


God: Wellor

Original Name: Danielle Wellor

Original Position: Sphere Police Force Commander

Domains of Control (4): Fate, Inquisition, Law, Retribution

Type / History: INTJ - Almost nothing is known of Wellor before his appearance in the heavens of the Sphere, literally a non-entity in the public domain. However one lone fact which has survived is that he served in some capacity within the security services of the universal government. As many of the other members of the Sphere team have come from high positions, it can be conjectured that he was very likely the head of a major branch or possibly a director. Unfortunately, this is pure supposition, and he might just as likely been a field agent who just happened to be assigned to the Sphere. After his transition to digital life, Wellor has become a drastically more public figure, interacting with his devoted on an almost personal basis in many cases, and in some ways prefering this closeness to the grandstanding of others. He has also taken to directing many of the activities of what security drones and peacekeepers still exist within the Sphere. One of the progenitors of the Knights of the Radiant Sphere, he has been influential in the way their society progressed, helping to foster the edict of questing when he saw it begining to form - even though he himself tends to act somewhat reserved.

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