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Technology As Magic

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The entire basis for the campaign is that there is no true 'magic' just sufficiently advanced technology to appear so. Clarke's first law 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' is the direct basis for the campaign.  As a goal, we try to explain everything scientifically or at least pseudo-scientifically, meaning the reasoning sounds logical and scientific even if not proven yet in real life.  If we could prove every bit of technology in this campaign with real science then I don't judge I'd be typing right now, but interacting with a VR interface, ascended (a la Stargate), or in some other far more advanced state.


When you consider normal D&D, consider it from this perspective, if you decide to be a contributor.   Not everything need be perfectly explained, but it will help keep the work cohesive if during creation you're also considering how effects could be thought of with advanced technology as a base.  Try to lay out such thoughts either in the article so the reasoning that led you somewhere can be followed, and perhaps expanded upon.


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