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This wiki is intended to be a reservoir of all the material which has been created for a campaign setting on the Wizards of the Coast public message boards. This campaign setting was originally created in the (now dead) thread "Indistinguishable From Magic". As such, it is meant for use with the d20 system of roleplaying and all mechanical content created within was designed around that goal. However, the more story oriented content can very easily be applied or used as inspiration for games in another roleplaying system, which I fully approve of.


Campaign At a Glance


  • The basic premise of the world is that it is the remnant of a universe which met its end, and all that remains is a desperate attempt by a few individuals to save what and who they could.


  • Although it is a fantasy setting intended for use with D&D, the underlying theme is that nothing in the world is truly "magic". Although the current inhabitants can't explain how each and every aspect of their world works, using terms like magic instead, at a prior point in time civilization could. In fact, those who still can have elevated themselves to the level of disembodied machine gods.


  • Composed from layers of shell like planetary material encased within a gigantic construct of super engineering called a Dyson's Sphere, this world contains an enormous variety of cultures and technologies coexisting simultaneously, as well as a significant quantity of pure land area.


To learn how to use this wiki, follow the help link or go to WikiStyle to learn how to style text.


If you would like to become a member of this wiki and craft the world, then drop me a line in the above listed thread, or petition for membership here.


Every contributor, I ask you to quickly read this page, Technology As Magic, before you contribute, to understand what this entire campaign is about and the mindset you should have in a few quick paragraphs. As a warning, Araes and I do not normally write small amounts of info, especially when it comes to flavor text, so if you're not into spending a lot of time reading flavor you might want to look at this wiki once it is closer to finishing. -Jason (I prefer Cheshire or Jester)


When making contributions, we also ask that you use the rating system for completion that we have outlined at Finalization Ratings. These ratings can just be copied and pasted from the ratings page to the top of the page that you are working on and give everyone an idea of where we're at and what needs work. Thanks.


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