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Divine Agents

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The concept of a heaven which is in fact just a digital existence is an idea that was brought up a while back to support the whole concept of digital Gods, but like a lot of our ideas, got buried away by the press of other concepts.


Angels and Demons


In a campaign where Gods are just mortals who had their consciousnesses loaded into a super-super-supercomputer, what would the angels and demons be? Digital of course! The angels and demons that followed the Gods are just assorted programs with varying levels of intelligence and powers as deemed by the Gods themselves. Some programs are guardians, others are seeker-destroyers, and yet still others are overload to smaller less intelligent programs. Just like everything else in our campaign the terms 'angels' and 'demons' are subjective. With a system that has no alignments, you can not have something like angels and demons, they don't exist without such monikers as alignment. So, a program is any form outsider and they are all influenced, to a certain degree, by their programmer God. This normally takes the form of appearance and minor special effects the program can create, but ranges depending on the power of the program.



Like many of our systems for flexible creation, the programs are broken up into different groups. As far as I'm concerned programs can breed, but the ones that do become outcasts and are considered fallen if they were in service of any of the creator Gods, the usurper Gods on the other hand might not be so caring about whether they breed or not. This would lead to some strange combinations of powers, and a lack of control by any one of the Gods, a major problem with the Creators as they needed all the loyal helpers they could get after there ascension. I (Jason) propose that if two outsiders breed, not only will they take on aspects of both parents but they will also be able to do both jobs that their heritages deem they should. If they are intelligent programs then they can split their time between two different jobs, or if they are similar to the Gods in their ability to 'manifest' in multiple places at once then they could just manifest themselves twice and work both jobs at the same time. That being said I think it should be stated that if one manifestation of a program were to 'die' then the other one should also 'die'. But as they are programs do they die or do they just get reloaded from the last time there 'file' was 'saved'? That could lead to interesting revenge scenarios, and story arcs based on destroying an outsider.


The Relations of the Agents

The following is a relation between all of the various forms of Outsiders which are currently present in D&D, and their aligned purposes when they are transfered over to the world of the Sphere. What that means is that when a God creates a sentient program to perform a task, that program will be of the group below which is proper for the task. In addition, if these programs are made manifest in the real world, then their appearance and abilities can be drawn from monsters of the same category, with power based on the importance of the program.

  • Info - Devils
  • Organizers - Modrons
  • Covert Info – Nerras
  • Covert Assault - Slaads
  • Hunters - Inevitables
  • Maintenance - Ephemeras
  • Laborers - Formians
  • Monitors - Demodands
  • Combat - Demons
  • Bodyguards - Angels
  • Research / Think Tanks - Eladrin
  • Messages - Archons
  • Diplomacy - Rilmani
  • Scouting - Canomorphs
  • Medicine - Guardinals
  • Recorders - Yugoloths

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