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Character Classes

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We have solidified our creation system for Character Classes. As of 11/11/06 this is the final form of the class creation system. The class system is meant to be as flexible as possible while keeping the level based system of D&D. So think a mixing of GURPS point buy system with the 20 levels of D&D. It still remains to be decided whether there will be 10 levels or 20 levels. That is the last straggling discussion point and then this section will become 'admantine'.


05/06/07 Freeform leveling added by Kurikin.


Point Buy Selection Costs


  • Base Attack Bonus
    • 6 points per every 5 points of BAB at level 20.
    • Limits (5-20) in blocks of 5.
  • Hit Dice
    • the die you want to roll times 3 (this makes more sense then what was originally stated)
    • Limits (d2 - d12)
  • Good Saves
    • 5 points for each good save
    • Limits (1-3)
  • Skills
    • 1 point for each skill point per level
    • Limits (1-8)
    • Each point purchased allows allows for the selection of 4 skills as class skills
  • Feats
    • 2 points per feat gained over 20 levels
    • Limits (None - limited by the other choices and available points)


As some examples of what this might produce, I have some generic class templates that I worked up off of a 100 point basis (which would be assumed to be the standard for a character).


Freeform Leveling Variant


  • Base Attack Bonus
    • 24 points per point of BAB
    • Limits HD
  • Hit Dice
    • the die you want to roll times 3
    • Limits (d2 - d12)
  • Saves
    • 10 points for each point of save bonus
    • Limits (1/2 HD) + 2
  • Skills
    • 1 point for each skill point
    • No class skills
  • Feats
    • 40 points per feat
    • Limits (None - limited by the other choices and available points)


This is a variant to the standard point buy method where you select how you build your character as he levels up. At every level you have 100 points to spend. Any points you don't spend you can save until the next time you level up. Mechanically and cost-wise, this system allows for the creation of the exact same characters as are created with the standard point buy method. However, it allows for complete freedom should a character concept change mid-play. The only major difference between the two systems is that class skills are completely removed, as there is no effective method for distributing them per level.


Also take note that with complete freeform leveling it can result in a slightly higher ECL because this gets rid of the inefficiencies built in to structured class generation that help maintain balance.


Example Classes Created With The Standard Point Buy Method




  • BAB - 4 - 24 points
  • HD - 10 - 30 points
  • Saves - 1 - 5 points
  • Skills - 4 - 4 points
  • Feats - 18 - 36 points




  • BAB - 3 - 18 points
  • HD - 6 - 18 points
  • Saves - 2 - 10 points
  • Skills - 8 - 8 points
  • Feats - 23 - 46 points




  • BAB - 2 - 12 points
  • HD - 4 - 12 points
  • Saves - 1 - 5 points
  • Skills - 4 - 4 points
  • Feats - 36 - 72 points


Now, the one of the first things that someone will probably notice is that in the Caster, there isn't actually any selection for Spells, and at the same time, there is a huge allotment of Feats. This segues into the next concept we had been working on, which is that to progress as a Spellcaster, a person must buy feats corresponding to the paths of spell casting that they want.


For example, to be able to cast 4th level spells from the "Audio" branch of expression, you would have had to purchase four feats worth of spellcasting from that branch. To be what most of us would normally consider a "full mage", you would have had to purchase between three and four full paths of 9, meaning you would have thrown down 27-36 feats just on spellcasting ability.


Anyhow, now that I've explained the basic point buy stuff to some degree, its time to deal with how all the abilities of the various classes would be purchased. To handle it, I've gone through all of the core books and broken down the various abilities of the classes by their worth in feats (most are worth 1 and those that aren't can be broken into chunks). I have yet to work out all the various restrictions on buying the feats, but that can be done in the future. For now, here is a big core dump of all the abilities, each buyable at a cost of one feat, which I will come back and edit with restrictions on purchasing.


NOTE: One thing to pay attention to is the fact that some of the skills grow over time after purchasing, which was the only fair way in my eyes to handle the power curve for some abilities. This doesn't necessarily have to be the way it works (for an ability that eventually grows to 3/day, you could just get that all at once)


List Of All Abilities From Base Classes is now located on the Feats page.

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